[update] Temporary Shipping Closure/Delays to various countries.

[update] Temporary Shipping Closure/Delays to various countries.

<2020-March-23 update>

Dear CADASHOP customers,

Please note the information below before placing your order.

Unfortunately, due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19 virus, several countries announced a temporary suspension of shipments from South Korea.

List of countries that temporary STOPPED shipments from Korea:

-Algeria (DZ)
-Albania (AL)
-Angola (AO)
-Austria (AT)
-Azerbaijan (AZ)
- Australia (AU)
- Bahrain (BH)
-Bangladesh (DB)
-Belarus (BY)
-Belgium (BI)
-Bermuda (BM)
-Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
-Brazil (BR)
-Brunei (BN)
-Bulgaria (BG)
-Bulgaria (BG)
-Cape Verde (CV)
-Chile (CL)
-Colombia (CO)
-Congo (CD)
-Croatia (HR)
-Cuba (CU)
-Cypress (CY)
-Canada (CA)*K-Packet
-Czech Republic (CZ)
- Dutchland (AN)
-Djibouti (DJ)
-Ecuador (EC)
-Egypt (EG)
-El Salvador (SV)
-Estonia (EE)
-Ethiopia (ET)
-Fiji (PJ)
-Finland (FI)
-Georgia (GE)
-Ghana (GH)
-India (IN)
-Iran (IR)
-Ireland (IR)
-Israel (IL)
-Jamaica (JM)
-Jordan (JO)
-Kuwait (KW)
-Laos (LA)
-Lebanon (LB)
-Macau (MO)
-Macedonia (MK)
-Maldives (MV)
-Mauritius (MU)
-Mexico (MX)
-Mongolia (MN)
-Morocco (MA)
-Moldova (MD)
-Mozambique (MZ)
-Myanmar (MM)
-Nepal (NP)
-Netherlands Antilles (CW)
-New Zealand (NZ)
-Norway (NO)
-Oman (OM)
-Pakistan (PK)
-Panama (PA)
-Papua New Guinea (PG)
-Peru (PE)
-Poland (PL)
-Romania (RO)
-Rwanda (RW)
-Saudi Arabia (SA)
-Slovakia (SK)
-Spain (ES)
-Sri Lanka (LK)
-Sweden (SE)
-Switzerland (CH)
-Taiwan (TW)
-Tanzania (TZ)
-Tunisia (TN)
-Ukraine (UA)
-United Arab Emirates (AE)
-Uzbekistan (UZ)

In addition, the list of countries that are experiencing major DELAYS with processing International shipments:
- Cambodia (KH)
- China (CN)
- Hong Kong (HK)
- Indonesia (ID)
- Japan (JP)
- Kazakhstan (KZ)
- Latvia (LV)
- Philippines (PH)
- Russia (RU)
- Singapore (SG)
- Thailand (TH)
- Turkey (TR)
- United States (US)
- Vietnam (VN)

As soon as air communications from Korea to these countries are resumed, your packages will begun shipping out normally.

* Please note that CADASHOP is working normally, and we accept and process all the orders as usual.

We apologize for any caused inconveniences,
Sincerely, CADASHOP.