Damtuh Cocktail Mojito (14g*40T)


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Damtuh Cocktail Mojito (14g*40T)

Manufacturer : Damtuh

Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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Ingredient:Apple mint mixed powder 80%, lemon lime mixed powder 20%, 2% lime concentrate

Expiration date : Expiration date marked

Product description

[Mojito aid]
: Water or sparkling water 100ml with 1 tea bag (14g) to enjoy mojito.

[Mojito cocktail]

: Water 20ml and 1 tea bag (14g) dissolve. (Mojito extract)
: Place sparkling water 80ml and full amount of crushed ice.
: Place mojito extract and decorate with mint.
* For alcohol cocktails, place 20ml of rhum or soju.

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