[SOMEST] Mild Care Mineral Salt Cream // 50ml


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[SOMEST] Mild Care Mineral Salt Cream // 50ml

Mineral-filled salt from the Dead Sea makes highly sensitive and dry skin moist and healthy!

[Skin Recovery Cream]

Facial cream: Following cleansing, smoothly apply an appropriate amount of the product on the skin.혻

Body cream: After showering, smoothly apply the desired amount of the product on the skin. Apply regularly whenever you feel dryness.


Hypoallergenic customized formula helps your skin recover and gives it perfect condition by normalizing functions

With an 8% mineral-filled salt content from the Dead Sea, this product offers deep moisturizing and relieves itchiness caused by skin dryness

Skin function recovery derma care helps you regain healthy skin by strengthening the skin

A perfect high moisturizing relief solution that provides all the daily essentials in a single cream

Hypoallergenic relief cream without the 10 harmful substances and a level EWG 1-3 formula

(Benzophenone, Triethanolamine, Triclosan, Talc, Benzalkonium chloride, Paraben, Synthetic fragrance, Tar colorings, Mineral oils, Propylene glycol)

[Dead Sea Salt]
Moisturizes and relieves the skin with abundant minerals!
Even Cleopatra could not resist the charms of the Dead Sea salt!
What is Dead Sea salt?혻
The Dead Sea has the lowest sea water level on earth, while at the same time having the highest salt level in the world. Because of the high salt level, life cannot live in the Dead Sea. Yet it contains 26 essential minerals, 12 of which are mineral substances unique to the Dead Sea that help provide nutrients and relief for irritated skin.
Ceramide NP:혻
The substance that accounts for approximately 50% of the intercellular lipid in skin strengthens the skin barrier to prevent the loss of moisture. This helps maintain moist skin and helps the prevention and improvement of dryness and wrinkles by working with the skin cells
Butterfly pea flower extract / Mangosteen skin extract / Pomegranate extract:혻
The product contains butterfly pea flower extract abundant in anthocyanin, mangosteen skin extract rich in xanthones, and pomegranate extract high in ellagic acid to prevent blue light, which can cause the formation of melanin in the skin
Urea: As one of the natural moisture factors (NMF) and the final disintegrating product of protein metabolism, urea provides soft and moist skin by softening dead skin cells and allows moisture to remain within the epidermis혻
Panthenol, also called provitamin B5, is an alcohol derivative of pantothenic acid.혻
The substance is helpful in providing sustained moisture by supplying it to the skin.

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