The Thumble Wearable Baby Nail File (Newborn)


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The Thumble wearable baby nail file is the perfect nail care solution to file your baby’s tiny and delicate nails from birth. Filing is the safest method when tending to a baby’s nails, helping to smooth and shape the nail to prevent scratching.

A newborn’s nails grow so fast and can be incredibly sharp too. In the first few weeks after birth, filing is recommended to keep babies nails short and clean and will avoid any accidents nipping your baby’s skin. Used regularly The Thumble is all that is needed for continued care of your baby’s nails. As your baby grows and their nails get stronger (from 6 Months+), we provide a pair of rounded edged baby scissors to assist in trimming your baby’s nails if needed. Don’t worry if the scissors leave a sharp edge as The Thumble can then be used to gently file and neaten up, leaving your baby’s nails smooth.

The Thumble is a new, unique and must-have baby product for all new parents. It is the only wearable baby nail file on the market. It's clever design means that parents have a hands-free solution to filing their little one's delicate nails. As the nail file is attached to the wearable Thumble you can care for your baby without the worry of dropping the nail file.

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